Employment Recruitment Advertising

Discover what employers are discovering all across America.

When you're hiring you'll find better qualified job applicants with your local radio station than you will in the newspaper. Why?

Because the newpaper's classified is mainly read by the unemployed. Those who need to find a job because they haven't been able to get one. Radio reaches people everyday at work, going to and from work in their cars and at home before and after work. Your radio commercial is much more likely to reach employed people ready to consider an even better opportunity than the one they have. And radio doesn't stop at the city limits. An employment ad on KZOR, KIXN and     KPZA  reaches Hobbs, Eunice, Jal, Lovington, Seminole, Denver City, Plains, Andrews and beyond.

If you're happy with the results you're getting in the paper, great. If not, now is the time to see the opportunity you have to reach better qualified job applicants on KZOR, KIXN  and KPZA    radio. Turn on the power of radio classified ads and improve the potential of your workplace by getting better job applicants. Call the advertising department at KZOR, KIXN and   and   KPZA    at (575) 397-4969.

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